Slod : )

↑106M chara for 90B
↑35M chara for 35B
Positive wallet Balance
No kill rights
Jump clones in Empire and 0.0
Character located in no sec npc station
both buy both is cheaper :slight_smile:

78b offer for Letter Song and 23b for Letter Kouvo

sorry,little low,waittng for higher bid.although,ty for bid :slight_smile:

Letter Kouvo for 23.5bil

105b offer for these two character :slight_smile:

emmm,fine,accepted :smiley:

by the way,i get one more chara for pvp perfect,you interested?

i want sell them all,and we can talk about the pricec :yum:

can you give me a skillboard?
for that character

sure,already in npc corp

i can offer 170b for these characters :slight_smile:

too low,180B?

165B? :face_with_monocle:


170B is the highest price I can offer

175B :smiley:

last offer

fine,deal,transfer the isk into Estt and acount name i will begain the transfer

isk send

received,account name?highly recommended not to transfer to an account

Estt to EVE–A
letter song to EVE–B
letter kouvo to EVE–C

double -