šŸŒ€ [SLRMK] [USTZ] [PVP/e] Solarmark WH Corp Recruiting Casual Players

Interested in the wormhole life? Join Solarmark today!

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Solarmark is recruiting!

We are still open for recruitment! Looking forward to the continuing applications

We are non-politically aligned and specifically are a corp that avoids politics/religion/etc and focus instead on playing and enjoying the game and WH mechanics specifically, together.

Iā€™m not sure if you were asking, or stating. But thought Iā€™d just clarify.

Solarmark is looking for capsuleers interested in WH gameplay! Join us today!

Solarmark is recruiting! Start your wormhole career today!

Recruitment is open! Join Solarmark today!

Make Solarmark your new home! Apply now!

Solarmark is recruiting!