🌀 [SLRMK] [USTZ] [PVP/e] Solarmark WH Corp Recruiting Casual Players

SOLARMARK - Low Class WH Corp - Seasoned Players

We are a close-knit group of adult eve online players. We currently live in a C3 and do everything from explo, pve, pvp, and industry. We are a corp that operates with respect whether that’s for our members or the people at the other end of our volley.

As we are all adults, we have a casual atmosphere and do our best to make sure everyone’s availability doesn’t diminish their access to fun in the game or corp. We are also part of a multi-gaming community bringing our pilots closer together in and out of eve.

We offer:

  • PVE content via connecting WH’s.
  • Industry content via planets and mining.
  • PVP opportunities, with roams.
  • Corporate BuyBack Programs.
  • Discord server.
  • Part of a multi-gaming community, providing you with friends beyond New Eden.
  • Real Life First culture.

What we require:

  • US TZ is preferred.
  • Interview and full background check via ESI.
  • Some self-sustainability willingness.
  • Active on comms when playing.
  • We STRONGLY prefer seasoned gamers. (21-30+ in age. No younger than 18 allowed.)
  • List your favorite beverage and why is it whiskey?

Eve-mail me in-game at Vexaliant Uhad
Join our public channel: Solarmark Public
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Hey everyone!

We are still recruiting! We’ve welcomed a couple pilots to our group over the weekend and we couldn’t be happier that they chose to join us. Come see why they joined!

We are still recruiting! Glad to see so many people willing to take on WH space these days. Never a better time to join a WH corp now with the removal of clone restrictions!

Hey there folks - We are growing and it has seriously never been a better time to join Solarmark or Wormhole life in general.

Message me anytime to start a conversation about joining!

We had an awesome influx of members last month. We’ve got everyone settled in and enjoying WH space. Wont you come see why they’ve decided to stay with us?

Recruitment still open!

Still recruiting! Looking forward to meeting some more new faces.

Still recruiting! Looking forward to more new face :slight_smile:

Hey all, still recruiting, actively!

I joined Solarmark a month or 2 ago. WHing is a steep learning curve, but we are a tight and experienced group and the ISK has started rolling in! Eve has become so much more fun!

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Joined just over a month ago and have loved it. If you’re looking for a low-stress, easy-going, helpful and friendly group of WH pilots, this is the place to be. For the low price of joining, you get all this and the ever-present threat of eviction! (Seriously though, was great fun to come together as a group and fend off a recent attack on our modest home.)

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Thanks for the kind words! Glad to have you guys living and flying with us on a regular basis.

We are still recruiting! Check out WH space today

Joined Solarmark with a few friends two months ago and couldn’t recommend this group more! Loving the casual atmosphere and community discord, since everyone is so easy to get along with, which definitely hasn’t been the case in past corps I’ve joined!

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Thanks for the kind words Acrturus! We appreciate having you!

We are still actively recruiting as well, so if there are others wanting to venture to WH space, hit us up today!

We are back to recruiting full time! Hit us up anytime!

Recruitment still active. Had a nice brawl on a connection last night. Great time to join!

Recruitment open! Message us in-game today

Solarmark is looking for new members to join us in the wormhole!

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Join Solarmark today!

Interested in the wormhole life? Join Solarmark today!

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