[SLRMK] [US | WH | HS | Mature] Looking for PVE/P Pilots

Who is Solarmark?

We are a group of “seasoned” gamers who are coming back to EVE after a long hiatus. With us we have brought back veterans and newbies alike. We call ourselves seasoned because our pilots ages range between 25 and 40+.

We are looking to grow our close knit group so we can expand into more exciting areas of EVE. Currently, we are scouting for and preparing to move in a C3 wormhole. Come join us!

What Can I Expect?

We offer most things you would expect from a HS\WH corporation, including:

  • WH Space Coming Soon (™)
  • Buyback Program
  • Corp op SRP Programs (WIP)
  • Weekly Activities
  • PVP Opportunities
  • PVE Opportunities
  • Discord
  • US TZ Playtime
  • Close-knit Community

What’s Required?

Our core requirements are an ESI background check and a voice comm interview. New members must be, at a minimum, over 18 years of age. We also ask that you are available over comms on a semi-regular basis when you are playing. (We are a social group)

Okay. How do I join?

There are several ways to reach us. Message me or one of our corp leaders in-game (or EVE mail if we are offline). Feel free to join our public channel, “Solarmark Public” You can also respond here for more info. We look forward to hearing from you.

Corporate contacts are listed below:

–Eagle Hammer
–Vexaliant Uhad

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Looking forward to all the new potential recruits.

Still recruiting. Thank you for looking!

We are still recruiting players to our corporation and community. Look forward to meeting more of you.

We are still actively recruiting. Currently our members are participating in abyss and invasion content in prep for a potential WH. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in our public channels, or in eve mail to join up with us.

Still recruiting!

Do you have a public discord channel? Also what part of the universe do you live in?

We operate out of Dressi & Amarr for HS. Our WH is a C3.

We do have a discord and happy to have you come check it out. I’ll send you a link in-game.

We are actively recruiting for our WH division. Please reach out in-game.

Still looking for new / old pilots alike. Join us today!

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