[WH] [US TZ] Solarmark - Recruiting Matured Pilots

SOLARMARK - Low Class WH Corp - Seasoned Players

We are a close-knit group of adult eve online players. We currently live in a C3 and do everything from explo, pve, pvp, and industry. We are constantly working to grow our group but are looking to remain a small and relaxed group.

As we are all adults, we have a casual atmosphere and do our best to make sure everyone’s availability doesn’t diminish their access to fun in the game or corp. We are also part of a multi-gaming community bringing our pilots closer together in and out of eve.

We offer:

  • PVE content via our C3 and connecting WH’s.
  • Industry content via planets and station installations.
  • PVP opportunities, with weekly planned roams.
  • Corporate BuyBack Programs.
  • Corp Op SRPs.
  • Discord server.
  • Part of a multi-gaming community, providing you with friends beyond New Eden.
  • Real Life First culture.

What we require:

  • US TZ is preferred.
  • Interview and full background check via ESI.
  • Active on comms when playing.
  • We STRONGLY prefer seasoned gamers. (21-30+ in age. No younger than 18 allowed.)
  • List your favorite beverage and why is it whiskey?

Eve-mail me in-game at Vexaliant Uhad
Join our public channel: Solarmark Public
Find out how trash we are
See our website about us

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