🌀 [SLRMK] [US | WH | Mature] Looking for PVE/P Pilots


Who is Solarmark?

We are group of “seasoned” gamers who are coming back to eve after a long hiatus. With us we have brought back veterans and newbies alike. We call ourselves seasoned because we our pilots ages are between 25 and 40+.

We are looking to grow our close knit group so we can expand into more exciting areas of EVE. Currently we are living in a C4 WH with a C4/C3 static together and enjoying that experience. Come join us!

What can I expect?

We offer most things that you would expect WH groups offer and corps in general.
  • C4/C3 Statics
  • Buyback Program
  • Corp op SRP Programs (WIP)
  • MoonGoo Belts
  • PVP Opportunities
  • PVE Opportunities
  • Discord
  • US TZ Playtime
  • Close-knit Community

What's required?

Our only main requirements are an ESI background check and a voice comm interview. We are open to new players, but we don’t outwardly encourage a 1 month old character or younger to join a WH corp unless you are okay with high risks. We will help you if you are still dedicated to the idea of a WH corp.

We also ask that all of our members be, at a minimum, over 18 years of age and available over comms on a semi-regular basis when you are playing. (We are a social group)

Okay. How do I join?

Message me with a PM in-game (or eve mail if I’m offline) or here for more info. I look forward to hearing from you.

–Vexaliant Uhad

Daily Bump. We are still actively looking for more members. The responses so far have been great and I’ve been enjoying making connections with all sorts of people from eve again after being gone so long!

I look forward to hearing from more folks.

What are your pilots seasoned with, asking because i have alergies to certain spices

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Whiskey and… well-- nope. Just whiskey.

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Still accepting more applicants!

Still recruiting!

Meeting some amazing pilots! Message me today!

Hey all! We are still recruiting!

It’s a new week and we are looking for more new recruits!

Message me in-game today via eve-mail and we can get to know each other!

Our new pilots are adapting to WH life well.

This is their first big plunge into WH life and they are loving it! Come join us and them!

Message me in-game today!

Insert low effort bump here since its a holiday weekend :wink:

But really, do come check us out!

Looking for more!

Recruitment is going well and still open.

What about late evening EU TZ players?

We currently don’t have any EU tz players,but if you think you have sufficient overlap with us in play time, I would never discourage you from looking into us more.

Well, my timezone is +2 EVE time and I mostly play late in the evening

That time works great for us, send me an eve-mail in-game and lets get to chatting :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be on this evening and will reach out if I don’t hear from you first.

Voice communications is mandatory? Due to where I live now, I can’t use microphone without making upset other residents. And I’m also from EU (+2 EVE time) if that changes something.

At the moment we would truly prefer our members to have the ability to be on comms regularly unfortunately due to the nature of wormhole space.

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