[SLYCE] Universal Luftwaffe looking for PILOTS!

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Just for war refugees ! Recruiting war refugees !

Very important -> we got 100% SRP !

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:gun:Do you like to shoot people?
:moneybag:Do you want to make ISK? Lots of it?
:star_struck:Do you like to mine, rat, or collect bounties?
:slightly_smiling_face:Interested in Joining a friendly Corp based in Null?
:sunglasses:Want to be part of a big alliance?

Then, Universal Luftwaffe is what you are looking for. We are a great multicultural community of english, german and romanian speaking pilots and most importantly we are a PVP corporation, living in null, within SLYCE alliance. We are open to all types of pilots, as long as they all do PVP. Of course everybody needs to make isk and we dont care how you doing (ratting, mining, industry, trading), as long as you like and do PVP you have a place in our corporation. https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98580072

What we require:

  • Skill points -> 10.000.000 minimum

  • Desire to -> PVP

  • Discord and Mumble

What we offer:

  • Ship replacement program

  • Tons of systems in which to rat or do indy

  • Only r64 Moon mining - no cheap moons

  • Tons of structure to reprocess, build, sell or dock (even supers and titans)

  • Free PVP ships

  • Multi language fleet commanders

  • Teamplay

  • PVP training

  • Free JF services

  • Possibility and training to make 1b isk/day with our PVE toon program

  • Stations everywhere and max upgraded systems for ratting and mining

For more info join us on: Universal LUFTWAFFE DISCORD or mail me in game.

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Yes still recruiting. Mail me !

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Check our recruitment video ! Its awesome, just like us! Join!


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Great bunch of guys/gals. Really strong EU presence and we are starting to add US TZ pilots so us yanks are having a blast also. Very happy I joined this Corp. great pocket to make isk to pay for PvP which is plentiful for those for enjoy it with constant roams and gate camps via strong alliance.

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