[SLYCE] Want to try null sec with a mature and mostly dad corp? Join us now!

Defenetly. Hope in our discord and lets talk some more :slight_smile:

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Hi, Would like to join if you accept me :wink:

Please drop in our discord so we can have a chat :smiley:

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Was out there with y’all back in may of 22 for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately life got in the way and I quietly left null because of it. You guys were a great group and I enjoyed my time there, now that life has been sorted and I have more EvE time I was curious what the chances might be of rejoining the corp?

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Single Dad here. My boys are 17 and 14 now and no longer want to associate with their father. So I have time to play again and would like to get a little more involved than just High Sec Ice and some ratting. I’m not at home now, but I’ll be glad to check the discord later if that’s acceptable.

Please do :slight_smile: . We can talk more there .

In other news.

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No Drama… Sounds like my kind of corporation!
I would like to join you.
I’m a dad of a 6yo. Try to play as much as I can between job and a family. I’m online almost every day. 30m+ SP

Go ahead and hop on our discord if you are interested :slight_smile:

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