SMA Corp is looking for New Members In NULL SEC!


We are a null sec corp located in Querious Region looking to expand our member base! Most of the active players in SMA are US timezone, with my corp in particular being EU timezone. We are looking to expand the EU TZ-base as well as recruit AU & US - TZ members.

The region follows QFC ( Querious Fight Club ) Rules. They are not complicated to follow. The main objective is friendly PVP fleets; but we also have ratting and mining available to make ISK. Newer members are very welcome, as well as experienced. Is a great corporation to get to know null sec or to get back into null PVPā€™ing and money-making.

Authorization on SMA website is required to be in the corporation part of this alliance.

Join ExWep Recruitment channel in-game and come out to null sec in a relaxed and friendly environment!


Please do not make multiple posts for the same corp/alliance. Thank you.

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