Small Amarr FW - Where Everyone Knows Your Name©!

Hi friends! Our average age is 30+ and we are looking for frequent fliers. We pvp in lowsec Amarr with lasers, come join today!

Here is a copy pasta in honor of one of our comrades:
[00:02:10] Jack Harvey > [23:50:44] Jack Harvey > Iron Inquisition - Amarr Low-Sec PVP & Industry
☜★☞ Alpha / New Player Friendly
☜★☞ Miners & PvPers Wanted!
☜★☞ Daily Training Classes to Teach New Players!
☜★☞ Free PvP & Mining Ships!
☜★☞ Ore / Ice / PI Buyback Program 90% Jita!
☜★☞ 1% High-Sec POCO Network!!
☜★☞ Daily PvP / Minng Fleets!
Join ‘Iron Inquisition’ chat today!

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