Small Corp recruiting pvp and mining pilots

…Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit…
Hello all!
Are you looking for a change of pace?
Looking for a solid small friend base?
Perhaps sick of all those pesky “blues” in your region…
Or perhaps your looking to build something from the ground up?

If you said yes to any of the above then perhaps
Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit is what your looking for!

We are a small lowsec Corp reasonably close to jita, looking to expand our pvp and mining player base…

We have multiple hunting grounds in our home region which we roam in small gang fleets… with a small collection of local blue corporations for allies.

No big alliance mandatory stuff, no ship restrictions…

New Bros and vets welcome

Come and join us for some fun!

Feel free to message me in game for more info!
Yuki Hasamoto

Come and join us! We have had many new faces join recently, what are you waiting for?

Expansion is on! Looking for new bros and vets alike, pvp, pve and indi pilots welcome! Drop me a message in game!

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