Small gang nullsec pvp corp with absolutely no blues

Tired of fighting in your 200 man blob, with blues surrounding you at every side? Tired of standing down for blueballs because your FC doesnt think you have a 100% chance of winning?
Oh boy
Here at African Atomic. we take pride in fighting outnumbered and not giving too much care as to whether we lose or win, so long as we have fun.
We’re part of a brand new nullsec alliance located in Tribute, with our own little sov pocket. If you lack isk there are good possibilities here if you dont have anything against using your brain a little. However it is important to mention that we are mainly just centered around pvp, of course real life always comes first though :slight_smile:
We would prefer if you have atleast around 10-15 million SP, however if you show up with a great lust for pvp we can always make space for you.

And of course the most important part, we have NO blues so theres always fights to be had.
Come join our public chat “Vertical Supremacy.” if youre a little bit unsure, or throw me an evemail!

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