Small Group Looking for new Alliance

We are a small group of non bitter vets starting a new we are looking for Hi, Low or Null Alliance

We generally enjoy the Industrial side to eve including mining. We are very supportive and knowledgeable willing to assist most endeavors. Totally Self Sufficient in all ways.

We enjoy moon mining in hi but looking for the new wild side of eve. We are not totally into pvp BUT will protect assets and Alliance interests as required

In game mail please all will be answered

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Still searching for that right spot

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You got my offer it still stands Ted.


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Still willing to give you a home with us as well.

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Generally not a bad thing to put in TZ you are looking for mate.

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Hey there pilot.
Please check if FS-I corporation fits your needs. We’re looking for new/experienced pilots to expand our corp - strength in numbers. Besides it’s more fun to fly in a team than solo IMHO.

If interested - contact in game. EUTZ but it doesn’t mean we don’t accept other TZs :slight_smile:

Safe travels, capsuleer o7

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Take a walk on the wild side.

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Hey dude,

Looks like I-RED could be a good choice for your corp. We do lots of Industry stuff and your miners could make some money with us.

Check us out in game at Red Steele channel.


Take a look in to Contact Kain Tarr in game for more info.

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