Small layed back pve and industrial corp looking for more!

The Emperors Talons is a small pve and industrial focused corporation based in Amarr space. We are currently seeking like minded individuals with a wish to help create a strong corp and lasting friendships. We do have some requirements but all are easy to meet.

What we require:
Mature Attitude (Its ok to have fun just have some respect as well.)

Still interested? Well here is what we can offer you?

What we offer:
A fun layed back enviroment! (Real life come first!)
No mandatory ops, its a game after all!
Loot, Salvage, and Ore purchase programs near our hq system.
Skilled mentors
Fleet support for industry or pve content
A friendly enviroment to meet new friends

If you would like to see if you could join our corp please contact one of our recruiters listed in “TEMTS PUB” If noone is online when you arrive in that channel just hang out a bit or send one of the listed recruiters a mail. They will contact you as soon as possible to begin the recruitment process.

Great place for alphas and omegas alike!

come relax with us

Not if you are forced to be on coms…
Just saying.

It’s a video game. And the in game chat function work just fine for mining ops. Hell even small group low sec roams.

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