Small mining corp looking for an alliance to try nullsec life in

Hi All, we are a very small mining corp looking for a alliance to experience some null-sec content and mining. Mostly don’t care where, but need to get the crew out of high-sec I think.


Hey have you thought going to lowsec before a jump in nullsec, if so try our discord and lets talk if you interested

What low-sec constellation are you in?

Kador, cant much more than this to keep it secret. if you want to talk more
join the discord link

Have you thought of trying Providence? NRDS null. Have a drive over to Dital and have a wander round that local pocket, neutrals are welcome. Have a chat with the locals. They have regular moon belt pops and reasonable ore taxes.

May do that, thanks. You’re living in this pocket?

Not now, I have operated there as a neutral though. Talk to Orizen Irregulars, they are part of Sev3rance. Combelvon & M’Lany were the contacts I had.

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