Small square in distance numbers

I returned after a long break, installed the game and there is a problem displaying some numbers (distance, isk value)


There was no answer in a post on the French forum so I hope to get some help here.
I play the game in English, the launcher is in English too.


It appears it is trying to display a European “thousands separator” (a period) instead of a U.S. “thousands separator” (a comma).

Compare $1,234.56 vs €1.234,56

I don’t know how to fix that, though.

Try changing your system settings. I believe it uses local data as well, so if local and client dont match. You get this issue.

Most likely your local machine is set to display a period, where as the client is looking for a comma.

Thank you guys, it is fixed.
As suggested, I had to change the ‘Thousands separator’ in my local configuration.

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