Small wormhole corp is looking for you

New Eden’s Refugees is Looking for you!

Are you getting sick of people? Do you hate that everybody is spamming local? Are you tempted to just fly away from everything?

New Eden’s Refugees is a small time corp who prefers keep to things simple. We operate in w-space where few people dare to bother. We like doing PVP in small gangs, explore the (near) endless galaxy, as well as mining in our spare time.

In New Eden’s Refugees we strive to become a tight knitted family. We take care of each other and help out whereever it is needed.

Whether you’re new or a vet to EVE, we’ll have a space for you, if you have space for us.

We are mostly speaking Danish and English.

For more information send an EVE mail to Dusti or Sasyfos Ravakian or join our public channel: HHNER

Fly safe and have some fun o7

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