[C4] Ghosts of New Eden looking for new and old wormhole pilots for PVE and PVP


(Zomburs Derpington) #1

Ghosts of New Eden is a C4 WH Corp looking for players. We live in a C4 with C1 and C3 statics. We have lots of opportunities for pvp and industry.
For industry minded players we have gas buybacks and a research rigged Raitaru, we also will help you get your PI up and running if you’re into that.
We are a relaxed corp that is real life first. We love PVP shenanigans and fly in small gang fleets.
What we offer:

  1. Small gang PVP and hunting
  2. Active Discord channel
  3. Pathfinder mapping of the wormhole chain
  4. Buy-back for Sleeper loot, WH Gas, and salvage.
  5. Hauling assistance
  6. PVE Fleets
  7. Decent PI, not the best but not bad.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Willingness to scan and use mapping tools
  2. Must be willing to train into and fly doctrine fits
  3. A working microphone and basic understanding of English
  4. Full, Non-expiry API for all accounts you wish to be in the corp
  5. Be open to criticism, as well as be capable of giving constructive criticism
  6. Industry characters are welcome but we will expect you to help out in PVP in some manner.

Contact info:
Any interests can be messaged to me or join channel Well of Souls in game.

(Zomburs Derpington) #2

Still looking for new pilots.

(Zomburs Derpington) #3

Still looking for new pilots.