**C4 Wormhole Corp Looking for Pilots***

Greetings Pilots, we are recruiting!
We are excited to build together, grow a community that is worth while and we are all experienced pilots; willing to accept semi new bros and train you!! Please contact us :slight_smile:

  • Athanors and Indy (Great moons)
  • C4, with C4/C2 Statics.
  • Organized PvP Fleets/Home Defense.
  • Nestor/Gila Ratting (Dank ISK Making)
  • Relaxed Gaming Environment
  • No power tripping with officers and leadership
  • Good people fun laughs.
  • Coms: Teamspeak/Discord
    TS: nph1.tyepfrag.com:9990
    Discord: https://discord.gg/SABAwj3
  • Poke Someone/Message someone for help!
    Thanks for taking the time to read.
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What statics do you have in your C4?

c4/c2 statics

I like what is happening here fellow WHers. If you ever want to expand or be a part of something more. Shoot us a message anytime!

We are always looking to help true WH’s Corps succeed with their goals and visions.


P.S. Love the Graphic Art above!

WHSOC -Jump to be known

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