Wormhole Society is Recruiting ALL TYPES of interested Corporations for the purpose of creating a Gaming SOCIAL CLUB!

JOIN Wormhole Society

WHSOC is a rapidly growing WORMHOLE ALLIANCE that lives in WH’s. This means, unlike in Null-Sec, you will always have access but not limited to the following Cool EVE CONTENT: Trade Hubs, ‘Excellent to near perfect’ PI, unlimited manufacturing jobs, unlimited research jobs (in HS due to Asset Safety Laws), positively fun SOCIAL interactions, and most of all amazing content [PVP] (https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007415/) :boom:!

:man_student:Newbro & Vet :woman_student:Friendly - Individual(s) Running PVE OPS for ISK intake- Lots of Fleet PVP where ‘Cleaning Up’ WH Space, Defense, Evictions (non-WH living entity conditions), Good Fights and Roams to all parts of space!

We are primarily USTZ, EUTZ, but are always looking for more TZ’s as we grow from within. And with the NEW Alliance BM, this has OPENED a window to even better CONTENT with other Entities.

This is one of the biggest reasons we created our ALLIANCE, was for the purpose of having a strong TZ presence 24/7. We do ops in ALL time zones, and are looking to expand our numbers so that we can expand everyone’s EVE CONTENT.

At our CORE, we believe that if you actively LIVE in WH space, ‘you LIVE in WH space’! Dropping an Engineering Complex in some random WH, is NOT living in WH space and will be subject to being removed. In order to establish yourself, you must be actively committed to WH space. It is one of our prime directives to clean up WH space, thus providing the best PVP content for everyone involved. We also push the long honored heritage of the ‘WH Bushido Code’ where ‘GF’ are the ANSWER to more Violent content for EVERYONE.

Our group is focused primarily on PVP but we don’t judge others as we offer knowledge related to running PVE ops to help you make ISK as safely as possible! We also will teach you everything you will want to know about WH ratting, mining, gas huffing, exploration, planetary interactions, production and every other way of making ISK! Our wormhole’s have great PI as well as a variety of Statics for resources and plenty of PVP content for the inner SAVAGE. All of these are available for the ISK ambitious players!

We are a gaming community first ( :man_pilot: & :woman_pilot: ) that specializes in teaching newbros everything they need to know to survive in the wormhole wastelands! After training is complete, some pilots have gone on to join the ranks of bigger PVP groups but it is our mindset to evolve; allowing our player base to work with each other thus improving EVERYONE’s content. We give you the skills necessary for you to succeed in EVE. However, we strive to keep our members wanting to stay with us, and so far if you look at our history…that is exactly what we do! Are biggest past decline to date was due to a split of mindsets, where one group felt the need to positively teach and the other wanted to teach through demeaning and destructive methods. We remain strong and are pushing to continually rebuild our PVP Force (VI.TA) as an executive strong arm for our Alliance missions and goals. This rebuilding process is a simple reflection of who we are and who we will be for a very long time. With the new Alliance BM system, we are looking for ALL WH groups. We want EXPANSION, EXPANSION, EXPANSION…thus strengthening CCP’s focus on WH Entities.

We are looking for more similar minded CORPS that want to make their mark in J Space. We DO encourage that you commit to the ‘bigger picture’ (VI.TA) of the home WH. Why you might ask, well eventhough CCP has finally supported Alliance Bookmarks, we all know that having numbers always helps the over performance of said alliances. This in itself forces WH entities to adapt, however you will find that we not only support your efforts but push you to NEW heights internally. Let us be a helping hand to your immediate success!

Your Killboard matters to us and we only look at the ( ISK Effeciency ) number. This single statistic give you an idea of how effective your CORPORATION is as you move forward into the life of an EVE Entity.

As an alliance, it’s our goal is to provide you with amazing CONTENT, SOCIAL interaction, and an occasional spicy MEME. Lets get some green on that killboard and show the EVE Community what a SAVAGE you truly are!

:anchor: For those that stay with Wormhole Society, we offer more advanced T2/T3C doctrines, Cap Warfare, and exciting roams!

:speaking_head: We provide Discord as well as a Tripwire to make it easier for you to navigate wormhole space safely and efficiently!

Don’t worry, after getting to know Wormhole Society and what we are all about…you will feel like you are right at home, and that is my personal guarantee.

*Note to #$%& SPAIS or Backstabbers, as I accept this as part of the game content being played, but I tend to PURGE you often as well as being known to follow you in space for YEARS afterwards… :skull_and_crossbones:

Interested CEO’s, Directors, Officers, and Members

Join our in-game channel “WHSOC!”
our Discord Channel
on Eve Who

Become a dependable Corporation and strengthen what WHSOC has initiated!



[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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153 Million SP Character looking for a home
128mil SP Returning Player looking for a home (PvP toons)
Vanishing Assets | WH PvP-PvE | Noob Friendly | Be the Unexpected!
70m SP Vet Returning LFC
Winston Jet - 105m SP looking for active home
New toon seeking different life for her player
Aussie old vet & new blood looking for AUTZ PvE corp
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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Old newb looking for corp
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Please delete, created a new topic
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
48+M SP Pilot Looking for PvP (Preferably WH)
New mining/industrial corp. may be doing pvp later
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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Ok, I'm back... now what
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C3 Small independant PvE/PvP Wormhole Corp
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Nexis. Is Recruiting Wormholers (Alphas, Omegas and Veterans all welcome!)
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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Reunincapacitated Industries - Wormhole PVP, industry, and more!
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Nothing on D is recruiting for WH PVP Pilots
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A wormhole corp =)
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Returning after a long break (84 millions skill points)
83mil SP, Small Gang PVP, Positive Vibes & Fun, USTZ
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
Rerturning UK player
20 mil + SP looking for friendly corp and advice on getting into pvp
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Hello im a near year old charactor looking for a c3 wormhole corp
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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Please help me experience how good everybody says this game can be
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Bittervet looking to settle in
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New player looking for Ustz group
New Player Looking for Corp
Looking to help someone grow
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
50mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
1 man corp looking for alliance with HS and WH focus - 100 Mill SP's
81m Skill point returning player looking for corp
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120mil SP returning pilot looking for a home
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
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Havent played since 2006
New Clone looking for company and a good time in this big Universe
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Looking to joining a uk corp
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Looking for home :)
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Coming back to EVE after way long break and looking for corp
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[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
200msp toon Looking for WH corp
34.4mill sp
At this again with different goals
78 Mil, looking for wh corp
Old vet looking to return to Eve with 1-2 newish friends - PVP- multiple 60m+ sp chars - EST
New Player LF Corp
170mill plus seeking wh Corp to pvp
Returning Player 48M
Closed, thanks for all the replies:)
60 M SP (x2) Returning Vet looking for a ISK-making corp
Corp Found
Delet this
70Mill SP - looking for small gang corp around Placid
Found a home 80mill toon looking for a home
70m+ SP Returning Industrial Player Looking For WH Home
20m SP looking for home in J-Space
Newbro looking to try my hand at small gang PvP
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
52 mil SP subcap pilot LF corp for (mostly) late night fun
Returning 56m sp player looking to get into PVP in WH/Null
48m SP Subcab Nerd LF new home
28m SP Returning Player looking for a corp
2x 100 mil sp chars looking for a uk based corp anywere
Homeless Alpha Clone
[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!
Low Sodium vet re-EvE-ing after a couple years off
46M SP & I want to learn PVP
Returning 40m SP player looking for non TIDI PVP
Looking for active CORP
New player
Skilled Returning Player Looking For New Home (PVP or Anything)

Last week was an amazing experience for us and we look to expand the many things EVE. If you are a Corp looking for more out of EVE content, come see us.

Last Week’s Alliance OP Video AAR & BR - We lost to a bunch of CAP Defenders but it was super fun content, check it out.

content :mage:


WHSOC-Jump to be Known!

Hello fellow EVE Players,

We are by nature, content creators. If you have a Corp or a group of players that want more out the game that we all hate to love?

Come see us…

An EVE Content :mage:

Attention Corporations and Alliances looking for some change:

Come take a closer look at this group of EVE pilots, we are a strongly motivated group of individuals that come together in the name of better EVE content. We are on a mission to support CCP in promoting the best gameplay while developing a community of online friends.


An EVE Content :mage:

Creating better content is what this Alliance is all about. Come on by and send a diplo to help us fix your spaceship lull’s.


WHSOC -Jump to be Known

I was part of last weeks OP and it was a ton of fun working with everyone. I can vouch that Glaser is a great Alliance Exec and an overall great guy! Alliance recruitment is open!

Don’t be left behind, groups are adding, merging, expanding into what WHSOC is all about. Try not to be late to the best ‘Party’ in Space.

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Are you struggling for content in game? Looking for something more?

Corporation and players alike, come see us!

Check out what is happening in a ‘hip-hop’ happening place.


WHSOC -Jump to be Known

It’s about the Corps, Corps, Corps.

We are on the lookout for more dedicated people that are in search of ‘Better EVE Content’.

Here is what we have been up to this month, and much more to come…we are thrilled to be a part of this.

WHSOC vs DREDD - “A Wormhole Saga”

Some of the backstory and AAR discussed publicly on Exooki Twitch Stream [Right Click in New Tab to launch video] Thank you for the public forum!

An EVE Content :mage:

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Are you bored with the ‘status quo’ , make the necessary changes and come check us out…

YOU will not regret it !


An EVE Content :mage:

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Hello fellow Corps,

WHSOC is always looking to expand. If you feel you would be a good fit for who and what we are, please stop by.


An EVE content :mage:

‘Bump’, ‘Bump’, ‘Bump’

Wait we are not suppose to ‘bump’ in here, but that is what we do in space. We bump the hell’o out people trying to escape our grasp.

Just ask this guy yesterday… WTF?


WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Here at WHSOC, we are about excellence and are constantly looking for people who want to achieve great things in and out of the game we hate to love. Statistics are a funny thing and as you know can be manipulated to fit any narrative, however we believe in one statistic.

Take a good look at the ISK Efficiency of our collaborating corporations in the link below

Wormhole Society, Creating Good Community

It speaks VOLUMES…

OMG, we are totally rocking :star_struck: here at WHSOC. We are slowly bringing in Corporations that fit the tentative mold that we push. Corporation after Corporation is finding out the secret to the WH GOOD life. Pretty soon, we will be a force to be wrecken with and we will ‘JUMP TO BE KNOWN’!


What an amazing conference call last night for WHSOC.

We are currently talking to a spectacular group of EVE players who certainly come across as their own ‘Lords of the Manor’ . Here at WHSOC, we love diversity and the strengths of our potential in and out of game partners.

Strong WH Entities coming together, with no fear of jumping to be known is at the forefront of bettering everyone’s EVE content. Don’t waste another day out there, come see us…

Jump to be known!

Hey, I’m interested in moving my wh corp into your alliance. I’m fully set up in my own wh.

When’s best eve time to chat about it

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Thank you for your interest in WHSOC. After some of my typical research, I do believe you were/are connected to a Null Sec group by the name of ‘The Initiative’ . Normally, this would NOT have been a reason to send you on your way, however with the recent engagement with this group in WH space and the salty exchange thereafter; leads me to believe you could better serve elsewhere.

Again thank you for your interest and hope you find great content,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Being turned away because a long while ago I flew with the iniative I think this is a bad and unfair judgement. I have no ties with them and starting fresh with this corp. I believe I could bring good experience to your alliance

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Looking for the motivated Corporations that want to make a difference in EVE content. Come by and see us!


WHSOC - Jump to be known


I have no doubt that you are most likely a stand up player, however you have to keep in mind the responsibility that is on my shoulders as an Alliance Exec as well as CEO of a full participating corporation that is a part of a bigger group. EVE unfortunately attracts all types of people and some of whom attempt to join organizations with the sole purpose of bringing them down. Though a bit delusional in scope, I would not be a good leader of members if I just allowed anyone to join out of desperation to have superior numbers.

I hope you understand the difficulty of leadership and I do hope you find a most excellent EVE entity. There are a bunch of ‘Stand Up’ Corps and Alliances.