Please help me experience how good everybody says this game can be

Hey guys,

I’m new to EVE, been playing about a week now. I’m low skill points, but I did upgrade to Omega. I think I have just north of a million skill points right now.

I’m desperately looking for people to play with. I want to keep playing but I’ve only found one guy who I play with on occasion, and he’s in a dead corp. I’m also in that dead corp. So, to say it’s getting stale is appropriate.

I’m located in the US, I’m mature and won’t start ■■■■. I like to meme and shoot the ■■■■. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m just a normal guy. I’m down to PvE, PvP, whatever… just getting me going.

I’m only here because I’ve been waiting for days in the Karma Fleet channel to hear something, but their app is down. I applied at another place and got turned down to low skill points. I don’t hold any ill will on that, but I would love to find a group I can be part of. I really enjoy this game so far and I want to take it to a new level.


You should come and check out Aideron Robotics, the new player friendly corp in my alliance, Federation Uprising. You won’t be without people to play with, as Aideron is SUPER active, and generally there’s 15-30 people on in corp at any one time.

They are multitimezone, and just as active in EU as they are in US, so no matter what time you log in, you will always have people to hang with. We’re all about maturity so bringing a mature attitude is important and we like that :slight_smile: We’re a PVP oriented groups, with plenty of PVE activities for making the ISK to PVP as well, expect to fight a lot, and since you’re newer, to die a lot too :slight_smile: but don’t worry! That’s how you learn, and if your wallet is ever tight on ISK, we’re more than happy to help you out financially

We won’t be taking 2 months to go over your app either, usually it’s 1-2 days at max, usually less than a day.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our alliance’s Discord:

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Eve University might be a good place to learn.


If you applied to Karmafleet, there may be a bit of a wait simply because as you note, it seems their application process is still being updated. They should respond to you in their recruitment channel though, so keep trying there.

If you want to join a null-sec new player corporation, there are several to choose from other than the one you have found. I could recommend Pandemic Horde, which I have found very friendly, has lots of support for new players and all sorts of opportunity. It is also very easy to join - just look up Pandemic Horde in Corporations, click the Apply to Join button and within hours you will be accepted (Horde does no checks except agains the blacklist, and unlike everyone else).

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Hello @Kalla_Motsu and welcome to the game we hate to love.

We are a super active group and love helping players transition into the many things EVE. EVE is naturally many things, but I believe I can save you some time; directing you to a group that loves to do things together in game and communicate out of game as well.

Come take a closer look at who and what we are…

Our Alliance ( WHSOC ) is an amazing group of guys from ALL TZ’s. We break digital bread together and produce as much fun as possible, we also help people that are trying to learn this difficult game. Maybe difficult is the wrong word, challenging might fit better into this sandbox of a game that we all adore.

Hope to see you in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

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