East USTZ Pilot looking for Wormholers

Got over 24mil sp and about a year and a half in the game as an omega. anyone who googles me up in people will see i don’t have a page and a half full of corporations, and my zkill will show i can’t pvp out of a paper bag, and i’ll link it, since obviously any recruiter’s gonna look at it first thing.

So what am I looking out of a corp? wormhole operations, first and foremost. where i’ve died shows i have c1-c3 experience, i don’t see why i couldn’t try to adapt to higher classes, though what i’m looking for is income that doesn’t come with coalition politics so i could find a way to hone a pvp game. if your corp/alliance does small gang stuff for funzies i’d certainly come along for the ride. The only condition that i’m really enforcing is trying to find a group that was savy enough to have found a hole with a good planetary setup. Obviously I’m willing to talk about this further in-game and I’m not scared about APIs.

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Hello @Jorge_Stanton,

You just literally described what we specialize in. Come take a closer look at who and what we are all about…

We have a bunch of incredible Corporations inside the alliance that might even fit better.
Wormhole Society .

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

would you want to learn PVP?

i would, yes, but like i said having a wormhole seems like the best way to secure funds to truly fly what i can afford to lose. it’s what i know best.


You’d be surprised. Come talk to us in discord. You might like what you see. https://discord.gg/TXPJbqv

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