(Mr Glaser) #21

HELN0, ’ is it me you’re looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my arms are open wide
Cause you know just what to say and you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much,’ WE WANT YOU…

This is the kind of sharing and caring that goes on down at WHSOC, don’t waste any more time, come see us and have some fun with better content!

Check these guys out, they are the ‘REAL DEAL’ @Charrette


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(Mr Glaser) #22

WHAT a weekend. It’s Tuesday and we are still evaluating some Inductee Corporations to join the amazing content driven organization KNOWN as WHSOC.

Before I step away, I want to give a :speaking_head: ‘shout out’ to our new friends whom I believe will make a huge impact on us, in a very short period of time. If you get a chance; stop by and see this group as they bust out their new Corporation Content Package.

Growing Wormhole Corp Seeking PvP Pilots


We will see ya in space,

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(Mr Glaser) #23

Are you tired of being 'BUMP’ed around? How bout your chain is it being ‘Jerked’? Fed up with all the ‘BS’ that most EVE Alliances deal…

Your EVE content solution is simply… WHSOC cause frankly it’s f’ing awesome to be known!


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(Mr Glaser) #24

WHSOC would love to open the doors for eager Corporations to show what they got. Come be a part of something more!

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(Mr Glaser) #25

We are evaluating Corps that are the right fit with our mission in JSpace. If you have a small, medium, or even large Corporation and are looking for more content for your members…come find us.

This is what we did yesterday… NULL SEC in JSpace…No way!!

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(Alajahh) #26

Returning player here… Looking to get into WH’s as it seems that’s where most of the fun is!!! Where would i need to look to in order to join up as a player?

(Mr Glaser) #27

Hello @Alajahh,

I am sorry for the delay as I took a small break from the forums in the last few days. If you are still looking for a great WH Training Corp/Alliance, come take a look at us soon…


(Mr Glaser) #28

We are still looking for those Corporations that are in search for something better in WH space. Don’t waste another day, come check out what and who we are to EVE Content.

Hope to see ya in space,

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(Mr Glaser) #29

What a great time we had, take a closer look at what we did in Null Space…poked the Horde with no expected response yesterday!

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(Mr Glaser) #30

We are on the hunt…one where the individual Corp shines…one where being someone actually pays off…one where the Alliance serves the individual Corps.

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(Mr Glaser) #31

WHSOC is still recruiting solid Corporations of all shapes and sizes. Check us out, you will not regret it.

‘BUMPTITY…BUMP in the night’


(Mr Glaser) #33

Attention Corporations:

I am not sure why you have taken so long to get in contact with us. But don’t worry you are not to late, we are still in ‘HOT Pursuit’ of willing and able corporations that are looking for something more. We are the answer, you must

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@Mr_Glaser ( IN GAME: Mr Glaser )

(Mr Glaser) #34

Attention Corporations, ACT now while you still can and come check out who and what we are to J Space. As an Alliance, our ‘FREEDOM’ doors of content will not be open forever… reach out to us ASAP!

Official ‘Bump’


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(Mr Glaser) #35

We are still on the lookout for particpating Corporations looking for something more out of their EVE content.

Stop by and see what we can do for you!


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(Mr Glaser) #36

It’s all about the Corps, Corps, and the Corps…if you are LOOKING for something more for your friends and in game family, stop by and take a closer look as we are always looking to add solid Corps to our already strong list of entities.

Hope to see you in space,

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(Mr Glaser) #37

Another amazing day; in the life of an entity that is growing and surging their presence into WH Society. We have a few Corps waiting in the balance of a change that will define greatness from this day forward. Why not be that next Corp…We are LOOKING for you!


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(Mr Glaser) #38

We are always looking for that next great Corp to come along and make their mark in Wormhole Society. Will that be you?


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(Xeno Dragoon) #39

Friendly bump for some good bro’s


(prosto Vovka) #40

149m sp pilot … Exp in scanning and combat in large coalition… Fc of small 20 man fleets… Super capability and other caps… Some c4 exp… Us tz but play during eu tz hours and late us tz … Spoke with recruitwr earlier… Looking for morw advanced corps

(Mr Glaser) #41

This Alliance is on the lookout for more Corporations that are seeking BETTER in and out of game EVE content. Will that be your Corp? Come check us out as we forge forward looking for like minded people that want to have fun and build something great with us!


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