Smaller Chill Null Corp In Omist

You looking for Null space but want to deal with ZERO political drama?
Looking to get into Null space without needing to join one for the 4 Major Blocs?

The Pack. Worldwide is a smaller group of chill people that don’t take the game two seriously and just want to have a good time. We Live in Omist under our own flag with an alliance of like minded individuals.
With operations in every aspect of the game we got gameplay and room for everyone who don’t want to join a massive coalition to just be a member, and rather be part of the of the family and help work on building us from the ground up!

:wolf: Null Ratting
:wolf: Mining Solo/Fleet
:wolf: Industry, Reactions, PI
:wolf: PvP? Oh Always!

:wolf: 80% Jita Sell buyback for anything Ore/Ice Related / 90% Jita Buy Buyback for everything else!
:wolf: Based in US, but looking for all TZ!

Currently looking for: Ratters, Miners, Indy guys, Explores, and SMALL SCALE PvP pilots.

Join the “The Recruiting Den” channel to speak with me in-game or join the [HIGHCOM] Discord :slight_smile:

+3 from yesterday, Still Recruiting!

+2, Who will be next? Still Recruiting!

Still Recuriting!

We now fly under our own flag and ready to expand one again!

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