Smaller Chill Null Corp In Vale

You looking for Null space but want to deal with ZERO political drama?
Yet have the security of a massive Null Bloc at your side?
The Pack. Worldwide is a smaller group of chill people that don’t take the game two seriously and just want to have a good time. We Live in Vale Space w/ Winter Co. as one of our closest allies.
With operations in every aspect of the game we got gameplay and room for everyone who dont want to join a massive alliance to just be a member, here your part of the family and help work on building us from the ground up!

:wolf: Null Ratting
:wolf: Mining Solo/Fleet
:wolf: Industry, Reactions, PI
:wolf: PvP? Oh Always!

:wolf: 80% Jita Sell buyback for anything Ore/Ice Related / 90% Jita Buy Buyback for everything else!
:wolf: Based in US, but looking for all TZ!

Currently looking for: Ratters, Miners, Indy guys, Explores, and SMALL SCALE PvP pilots.

Join the “The Recruiting Den” channel to speak with me in-game or join the The Pack. Worldwide Discord :slight_smile:

+3 from yesterday, Still Recruiting!

+2, Who will be next? Still Recruiting!

Still Recuriting!