Smoking Weed and Mining Asteroids like Elon Musk! (NS/WH) USTZ

Do you wanna smoke weed and mine asteroids like Elon Musk?
Do you like to kill rats?
Maybe bake some PI?
Or do you just wanna BLOW STUFF UP?!?
We may be the place for you! (US TZ)
»»PvE.PvP.Fleet.Mining.PI.Industry«« (NS / WH)

Space Pirates of New Eden is now recruiting!
We are a small, tight knit group of players with assets in both NS and WH space.
2.3 metric ■■■■-TONS of content…
Main Corp: NS (Angels)
Alliance: RAZOR Alliance
Brother Corp: C4 WH with C3 and C5 statics. (Hauling Corp)
Mostly US/English Language (Discord/TS)
We have Exotic Dancers, Punch & Pie!



Good morning all, we are still recruiting… and I’m trying to find the best way to express what we’re all about.

We are still a SMALL corp, but with assets in both NS (With Razor Alliance) and we have our own C4 WH with C3/C5 statics. We are currently more focused in NS of course, getting up to speed with our new alliance.

We have 3 directors who share the responsibility load, and we’ve all been playing together for over a year. We’re all in the US, on both coasts.

Our focus is all over the place. We have PVP focused players, PvE, and even some mining and industrial.

What are we looking for? Well, EVERYTHING… but really you should want to move out to NS and be involved in activities there. Our alliance is very active and there are always fleets forming. When there are no fleets there are PLENTY of places to rat and mine, to make money to buy more pvp ships. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are a laid back corp, we don’t have tons of rules, just come out and have fun.

If interested, contact us on our discord and we’ll get together and chat.

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