SMT : Eve Map Tool

A new release… version 1.0! After ~4 years this is the 100th release!

New :

  • Cyno beacons now in the preferences
  • Added summary to jump gate panel
  • Added Jove observatory to Uplinger

The main change in this build is the move of the cyno beacons from the text file into the preferences :


Source and binaries here :

Let me know if you have any issues; if you’d like to pop by discord and say hello join here :


Would it be possible to add the following features:

-route calculation based on the type of ship used
-time it takes to get from point A to point B
-warp time calculator

I think it would be really awesome If I could set a “warning” when a player/corp/alliance/character with certain status such as criminal, -10, or terrible standing entered a system with one of my ESI linked characters. Also if there are any active cynos up in regions I select. I’d be willing to throw some big money at a tool like that.

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@Coyote_Benihime you cant read the list of characters in local; it would have to be a report from a player

Hey! Does this wonderful program have Mac support yet? I saw a mention of it earlier in the thread, but reading 4 years worth of posts seemed daunting

A very nice program. I started trying it with version 1.00. I want to draw your attention to some little things.

  1. Each time she launches, she doesn’t want to connect with an already running character. Writes online or offline, and does not upload a portrait, and does not show on the map. You have to delete the character in SMT and recreate it.
  2. In the lower right corner, where the name of the region, it would be logical to do, working out pressing the right mouse button with the same options as on systems … Dotlan, zKillboard, Copy Name, Show in Universe /
  3. Also in the lower right corner: The “Show system ADM” switch is very convenient to show values ​​in numbers, in circles or nearby. And the adjacent “Show system security” does not show! - (Neither in numbers nor in the outgoing prompts, nowhere. And the outgoing prompts are not always shown in meaning, they can show different things in two neighboring systems.)
  4. The GR-J8B (Period Basis) system definitely has the Jovian Observatory, but does not have an icon !-(
  5. For some reason, my local time is indicated in the Intel channel window, although I saw Eve’s time in the logs. (maybe this is some kind of special feature, don’t know). and also on the Intel channel, it would be nice to copy from it, or a link to ZKB, as in the ZKBfeed /

I continue to study. A very nice program. Remarks, this is purely IMHO / (workflow)

Can you enable change font size?
And add mouse scroll to zoom
Mouse scroll in some lists doesn’t work

Thanks for these, i’ll add them to the list to look at… the characters wont appear with portraits until you authenticate, and similarly if you dont authenticate it wont remember them between launches, only find them when you change system.


you can change the font of the intel and on map items in the preferences, you can zoom in with the wheel by holding ctrl

A new small release : 1.01

New :

  • Added the low sec gates from the trail blazers event
  • Added the option to disable the route display


Source and binaries here :

Let me know if you have any issues; if you’d like to pop by discord and say hello join here :


How can I paste anomaly signatures and names into the Anom tab? I can’t get the Ctrl+c → Ctrl+v method to work…

So not sure if this is me having wishful thinking, but would this function as a combination mapper/intel tool for say a WH corporation? I love the features this has and the layout, but would it be able to display information about WH effects and identify new WH as you jump in via the tracker function? I currently use a combination of several intel tools and tripwire for mapping, but this looks like it has all of the above and then some when it comes to functionality.

Love the tool!!

I have noticed, that when I add a character; I have a single entry for the first and second characters I added, but when I use the pull down for “Active Character:” I see the final character I added twice in the list.