SMT : Eve Map Tool

A new release… version 1.0! After ~4 years this is the 100th release!

New :

  • Cyno beacons now in the preferences
  • Added summary to jump gate panel
  • Added Jove observatory to Uplinger

The main change in this build is the move of the cyno beacons from the text file into the preferences :


Source and binaries here :

Let me know if you have any issues; if you’d like to pop by discord and say hello join here :


Would it be possible to add the following features:

-route calculation based on the type of ship used
-time it takes to get from point A to point B
-warp time calculator

I think it would be really awesome If I could set a “warning” when a player/corp/alliance/character with certain status such as criminal, -10, or terrible standing entered a system with one of my ESI linked characters. Also if there are any active cynos up in regions I select. I’d be willing to throw some big money at a tool like that.

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@Coyote_Benihime you cant read the list of characters in local; it would have to be a report from a player

Hey! Does this wonderful program have Mac support yet? I saw a mention of it earlier in the thread, but reading 4 years worth of posts seemed daunting