Snowball Fight

I am asking CCP please give us festival launchers and large pile of Snowballs this winter. I am looking for something fun to do with my corp and friends in game here in High Sec. The sound of a large snowball fight just sounds like fun and I have heard many positive things about having a snowball fight. So please do this!


I am a hoarder of fireworks and festival launchers and I approve of this message.


Yeah, I agree. Snowball fights are pretty cool, and they’re the only things you can shoot at Concord ships without retribution.

Anyway, for the past few years CCP has gave out Snowballs and Launchers as Christmas presents. Course if you can’t wait then you can probably find some for sale in Markets or Contracts.

I was playing last year and I don’t recall them handing those out but they did hand out fireworks for the first of the year.

Maybe it will be held this year as well.


and get some destroyers to fling around yioul blizzard fireworks for atmosphere!

Copper fireworks look like snow.
They can be manufactured.

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