So should i join a Amarr Omega Corperation or not? yes or no? what do you think? what should i do?

Amarr omega Corperations.

Do you like a Amarr or Klingons??

Why would i want to join a Amarr Omega Corp when most of the Amarr players speak the Klingon language? why doesn’t Google have a Klingon translator when 5 percent of the earth population speaks it and yet Google has translators for other languages that have been dead for 20 years and no one speaks. WTF is up with that?

Also I am sick of how most Corps are just another chat room. they don’t play with each-other. all they care about is getting bigger and getting more members. Screw that; im not sitting behind a desk. I just want someone to fly with me and fight off pirates. i want active member of a corp that will do things with me, pvp or pve. i would even pay them for doing it. i dont care if i had one person helping me or a thousand. but salvages and mining can be dangerous alone…

Do i really need to join a Amarr Omage Corp to do that?? Why would I need to do that when I need people to help me salvage and to protect me. I guess im looking for a bodyguard in a way? but thats a job opportunity to blow up pirates, and wouldn’t you do it to be able to have a reason to blow stuff up??? am i asking for to much?? ill even over look the Klingon speaking since most Amarr players speak it. i know Amarr is not Klingon and they cant copy that from star trek; but tell that to most of the Amarr players?? on second thought; do not do that.

so should i join a Amarr Omega Corperation or not?? yes or no?? what do you think??? what should i do??

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Dude what

P’takh! Amarr Omega corporations are for weak humans! Join the Klingons!

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sadly this is the way some Amarr talk; like Eve is a freaking Klingon RPG. i mean; cant people be normal?? i dont want to learn Klingon.

sorry [Syeed Ameer Ali] but i dont know what P’takh means!

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