So, what is currently happening on Singularity?

As you can surely understand, this is Sisi and no one will actually take anything seriously on that post as before with the Keepstar spam that slow the server, that is already pretty lagged.

I spotted 2 Major problem for myself even after clearing cache and all, the D-Scan clearly doesn’t work, i can see the green cone and the lagged window, but can’t scan with it.

Then there is also, when i try to give money , it does the same, you will maybe understand with those screenshots.


It might be only me but i don’t have any solution to fix both of those problem so, fixing it, or giving me how to fix for me, coul be nice…

Thanks to the people that read this post without saying “It’s Sisi, who gives a F***”

Reinstalled the game, and still have the same problem

server problem…evryone has same issue and devs too drunk to fix it

And you have any solution to fix it a bit?

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