Hello, i would like to argue that Soccer/Football is a sandbox game.

Ugh another one of these. Hey @Aiko_Danuja could you gank this guy so hard he rage quits the game and never posts on the forums either ever again? :thinking:



Please do. Lay out your argument. I’d love to read it.

PS: You’ll need two arguments cause Football and Soccer are two different games.

Will your argument be about American Football or European Football, also called “Soccer” in the USA?

Might be he is an expert on the topic, both sports are suspected to cause brain damage.

Don’t forget to have a full definition of *Sandbox" as it applies to competitive live sports with rules in your exposé.

Sandbox means room to play

Soccer defines a few rules and then its up to players to figure out how to play and/or win based on those conditions :slight_smile: Thats it

That’s what I’m here for.

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I would leave if people ignore my threads and comments.

Feel free to stay here and waste your time.

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“Sandbox” isn’t about room, it’s about the possibilities.

It has rules, and many of them. Too many to be played Sandbox style.

Either you don’t know how soccer is played or you don’t know what “Sandbox” means.
Either way, the arguments you have presented are weak, based on generally incorrect assumptions and do not support the premise of your thread.

I played soccer in school and i also watched some on TV so i know what it is. The main rule is you arent allowed to touch the ball with your hand unless you are the goal keeper. You can choose to be defense, mid player, offense or as mentioned the goal keeper. You can even be the referee or coach. tl;dr THERE ARE LOADS OF POSSIBILITIES IN THAT GAME

There are different soccer tactics as well because its a sandbox

7 Soccer Tactics All Coaches Must Know (Win More Games)

Am I hallucinating right now? Like what is the point of this post? To prove a point? To just annoy people?

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This is emergent gameplay

No, there are different tactics to account for the rules.
The fact that European football has existed long before the term “Sandbox” was even thought up is one of many strikes against your argument.
I also played football ( it is known throughout the world as football, only the Yanks call it “Soccer” because they’re uncultured ) and have never heard anyone link the concepts of rule-based sports and computer design. Besides the obvious in-real-life action and constraints there is a ton of differences between the two and can hardly be compared.

Excuse me. We prefer the term “unique tastes”.

Apologies. I stand corrected.

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Don’t forget, the limeys invented the term “Soccer” when they introduced Association Football. It just took off in the US and because of that, it faded from the vernacular in limey-land, as it was deemed “too American”

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Are we talking about Football and Handegg?

@Quentin_Schaefer Leave it to the Brits to muddy the waters.