Society of Misfits - Laid Back Gaming Group Living in Null Sec

Society Of Misfits is exactly what it says on the tin… a group of ridiculous players that extends beyond EVE. We aim to offer the most laid back approach possible as a Corp and Gaming Group with absolutely no requirements or expectations beyond the necessary background checks that the Alliance requires. Want to chill in High Sec? Feel free to. Want to roam Low Sec role playing as Captain Jack Sparrow? I wish you the best of luck. Want to expand your wallet in Null Sec? We can provide you the space and infrastructure to do so. Want to dive wormholes, scan for treasures, get ridiculously rich running incursions and much much more? We proudly and actively support it all!

In Game Channel: MSFT- Public or Discord

Looking to grow and establish more of a foothold!

Need more pilots to help grow this community!

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