Solar Forged - Social corp for combat pilots

I am taking my corp public.

Most corps I have found, you end up either lost in the crowd, stuck in a rut, or solo anyway. I want to try building a corp that intentionally avoids all of those problems.

We won’t grow past our ability to integrate people, so you will be able to build camaraderie.

We will do a variety of combat focused activities together, so we can keep things fresh and interesting.

We will make it a priority to fly together. I want to recruit people who will choose to work together often.

I will welcome both new players and veterans. ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE WILLING TO GET ON VOICE COMS AND PVP.

PvP is a high priority for me. I do most of my isk making in dangerous space, so that I get more PvP opportunities.

I expect to get involved in Faction warfare, ESS thievery, wormholes, and public fleets to start with. Active corp members will influence where we go and what we do.

Primary TZ is US. Open to EU as well.

You can contact Stan Durden or Johny Tyler in game if you want to know more.

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