Solar System Map should reflect Sensor Overlay filters

I am living in a WH and have lots of bookmarks for Sigs//anoms//safes//etc. In both the People and Places window and the Sensor Overlay from the capacitor hub, bookmarks (and other items) can be filtered out of the Sensor Overlay and thus the display in-space. This is a nice feature that can de-clutter a Sensor Overlay that makes finding important things easier.

I would like to see this functionality extend to filtering what is shown in the Solar System map. So for instance when a folder (or category) of things are disabled in the Sensor Overlay or People and Places window those same items should be hidden on the Solar System Map as well.

My typical pattern is to save the Sig/Anom sites in one folder and as the sites are run or despawn I then transfer those bookmarks (with a rename) to another folder. As I tend to only update these bookmarks every 2-3 days the list can be rather long. And with the number of bookmarks in my “Safes” and “Sigs & Anoms” folders my solar system map is extremely cluttered. Being able to filter out folders in the system map would allow players to control their solar system map view the same way they can control the Overview, Sensor Overlay, and D-Scan views.

As an addendum to this suggestion. I would also like to add the ability to center the solar system map on a bookmark by double-clicking on it the same as can be done with the Probe Scanner window. Since double-clicking opens the edit menu that would either have to be changed or the option to center the solar system map view could be added as an option in the context (right-click) menu.

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