SOLD 10.1 mil sp Orca pilot

Located in Amarr

Mining Forman 5
Mining Director 5
Leadership 5
Advanced indy 5
Mass production 5
has Capital ship and Capital industrial ship skills

no killrights
positive sec status
positive isk
in npc corp
9bil B/O or best offer


daily bump



daily bump

7b isk


if the offer is still available i will take 8bil

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yes it is still up

send isk and account info to rova meza

what info (its my first time)

the account you want me to transfer too

ok one sec :slight_smile:

the account name is error764-5

and when should I send the isk

right now

■■■■ ive gotta go sell some plex
sorry for the wait

ok tell me when you send the isk

5 min