[SOLD] 10.2mil (inc 1.2mil unalloc) SP Hauling / Trade Pilot (Focused)

Pwd: 20162020

Skill Points 9,008,335
Unallocated SP 1,187,669
  • Can fly Gallente Industrials (V)

  • Amarr Freighter (Providence)

  • Trade Skills
    Located in Jita, 1.6 Sec Status, No Kill Rights, Positive Wallet, 1 bonus remap available.

Looking to sell me today

4Bil Buyout

4.1B isk ready

4.2B isk ready.

4.5B isk

4.6b :sunny:

4.7B isk



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Accepted Let’s make it happen @Ser_Trace_Jakuard

isk transferred and info sent in mail

Transfer request made
47432665 6/11/2020 1:40:25 AM UTC

player received

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