[sold] 11.9m SP Character born 2009

Sec status 0.5
No kill rights.
Positive wallet.
Jump clone located in low sec space
Character located in Jita

implants: +4 perception, +4 memory, +4 willpower, +4 intelligence.
2 Bonus remaps. Able to remap immediately.

I’m also going to be paying with RL $ for the transfer. Starting bid is 7.5b. BO is 10.5b


Thank you.

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7.5B offer

Post needs to be by character for sale or confirmed by character.

Confirming the character is for sale.

I can do 8B

Still selling?

Yes I’m still selling it. I’m going to make tomorrow the last day. FYI, Cap Alberto Bertorelll offereed my 8.25b in-game.

Going to 8.5B
Wich hour will be the end?

Trying to keep an eye on the topic, but with work and stuff, not that easy

I’m going to end it 6 pm eastern time US. It’s fine I understand the whole work and life thing.

Auction ended and sold to Daniela dela Mancha. I will send the character as the isk is sent over.

ISK and account name sent

CCP mail received.
Transfert pending

Character transfer paid for and underway.

Character received. Thanks

You’re welcome. Pleasure doing business.

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