SOLD 11m SP Exhumer Pilot -SOLD-

Welcome to my Character Bazaar thread!

Please have a look at the character’s skills list: - Tia Caliente

Character is in npc corp
No kill rights
Wallet: positive
No jump clones available
High sec location: Knophtikoo

Asking 12.5b

Cant view char - but im interested once I can see its skills - Tia Caliente try that please

Calc of SP says 10.2 bil, got a few more things in it thats good, can you do 11.5?

11.5b Sounds good to me.

K read a bit on this, still trying to understand how to do all of it. Can you explain?

check in game sent you a chat request

confirmed buying for 11.5b isk

Isk transferred to Tia Caliente

ISK received and Character transfer fee paid and started transfer.

Char transfer complete - TY