SOLD: 128M SP Research/Production/Mining & Mining Fleet support/Rorqual Pilot Character

WTS: Dominoz

2 Jump Clones
Only ship is a shuttle
Positive Isk, postive security status, no items in inventory
Character is in NPC corp

Price: Make me a reasonable offer to consider

74b offer.

@Conn_McCargoBay already had 2 offers of at least 80 so thank you, but I’ll pass on 74.

81b…no idea of the cost of characters.

I would probably consider 85B.

85b… :slight_smile:

haha…ok I’ll give it an hour to see if anyone counters and if not sounds good.

@Entropy01011 ok…if you still wanna do 85…send the isk to Dominoz and ingame where where the character should be transferred

Isk received from @Entropy01011 and preparing to transfer character to their account

@Entropy01011 Character transferred to account supplied via ingame mail.

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