SOLD 13.5M SP Focused Max Yield Miner/Ice/Gas with ExpFrig IV and Exhumer V

I am for sale - Character Sheet

Max Yield Mining with Mining Upgrade V
Exhumer V
ExpFrigs IV
Reprocessing/Reprocessing Eff. V/V
Gas/Ice V/V
Great Drone and Fitting Skills

Char is in Jita 4-4. No kill rights. 1 ISK balance. 1 empty jump clone in Jita 4-4. NPC Corp

Asking 15B - I will pay transfer fee

This is my first character sale so please bear with me.

Thank you


10b offdr

Sorry was busy IRL

If you can do 12B it’s yours

Would buy it for that. When you dont have a reply from guardian of rorquals in the next 24h

I’ll check again in 12 or so hours - if no more offers it’s yours Bear for 12B


ISK and ACC Name sent

Transfer initiated…but I did not realize that I had to transfer the ISK first because I cannot log back in

raise ticket and they deliver to you if the buyer dont do.

That things happen.

kk, Pls ask someone what to do, mybe @ISD_Traindriver can help whit that issue.

i suggest you put a message here saying Buer please sent the isk to xxxx char when received and he or the moderators edit the forum later, i do that some months ago what that happen to me.

ISK send to requestet Charakter!

Thanks Bear - ISK received on alternate character - apologies for the cluster

I am good on my end - please confirm when character is received

character received

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