WTS Miner (Exhumer 5) with a dash of industry 14.2m SP


WTS myself, 14m SP. Mostly mining, including boosts towards an orca. A bunch of industry and reprocessing skill. Can use almost all T2 crystals.
Make offers over 10, B/O in mind

I will pay transfer cost.

I can offer 5.2 B

I could extract for better. Offers over 10 only

5.1 B

See above


10B B/O

If I receive no higher offer in next 12h (time until I get home anyway) I will accept 10b buyout.

If you reserve a character by Monday, I’ll buy it for 11 bil

Sorry unless you can secure payment before the 12h I promised, JBM will secure this sale. I will not forego a current offer for a 3 day potential, though I appreciate the 11b offer.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to pay until Monday. In the next three days, I will not have access to the game client to transfer ISK

If, for whatever reason, JBM’s offer falls through, and I have not received better offer. I will sell to you Monday for 10b

I’m here ready to transfer if you are.

Please send isk and account info. Will transfer

Uhm, just spoke to you ingame and you said you had a better offer. Are you now excepting my offer? Please make it clear you are acccepting my offer and I’ll send you 10B for character.

You spoke to me ingame? I am not online at present.
Edit: for clarity, as agreed 10b accepted and transfer to be initiated once isk + info sent to this character

OK then it was a scammer. Please post that you accept my offer and I’ll send isk and account info to you. Thanks =)

Sorry I edited too late,

I accept your offer, send 10b is + info

ISK and account information sent.


Character transfer initiated. You should receive notification shortly.
Thanks you :slight_smile: