{SOLD] 143m SP subcap PvP pilot

Meet Cardacal, a 143+ Million SP PvP character.


Note: Renewed API today for EVEboard and the API hasn’t updated skills properly as I extracted two days ago 12million non pvp-essential skills (mainly Science, production, trade, etc) This is why there is a discrepancy between the SP stated here than the EVEboard link. I am, however, totally willing to send real-time screenshots of proof of skills via email if someone would like to see for sure.

Excellent skills in all major areas of PvP (Armor, Shiels, Gunnery & Missiles, Navigation & Engineering, ship command, and sub-systems)

This character is looking for a new home.
His location is Jita.
No kill rights
Has a positive wallet
Is a good pirate or null sec character.

Clones:: 5
– Jita, Rens, 1DH-SX, Okagaiken, and Maila


  • Jita: Mid-grade Alpha-> to Epsilon plus Slave Omega, Gunslinger MR-703, and Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-link
  • Rens: Standard set (slot 1-4), HM-705, GP-805, TN-905, and RL-1005

Starting bid: 130 bill
Buyout: 135 bill

People lurking on the forums will recall a similar thread from 5 days ago about him. I closed it as there were no follow-up bids (price too high I guess). I am trying again by focusing him more to his PvP skills whilst lowering the price significantly. I trust the buyers out there will see that now. Cardacal is a great character but not much help for me anymore at this point in the game.

Post here or get in touch with me in game if you have questions or would like to see the real time situation with his skills. I’d be happy to help.

130b offer

I’m happy with that. Please transfer the ISK and PM me your desired account so I can transfer the character to you. :slight_smile:

could you do something for me first thou
could you make one of these up https://eveskillboard.com/
for your character
just to confirm the SP is as you say it is
and then i’m all good to transfer etc

Yeah, I agree. I actually wrote that in the OP above. I made about 1 hour ago a fresh API specifically for EVEboard so the real skills would show up. I don’t know why but they aren’t even though I followed the steps correctly. I did this three times and it’s not updating from two days ago for some reason. Any ideas why the API isn’t updating???

Can I send you some in game snapshots via email so you can see the real-time situation? If this is ok, please send me an address to send them to in game and I’ll get those to you right away.

just create one with the link i sent you
real easy
even linked it again.

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Sweet thanks for that
Isk and account info sent
Awaiting Confirmation

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That’s brilliant! Thanks for that information.

Here it is: Cardacal

Received. Thank you. Initiating transfer process now. One moment…

Ok, ISK received and character has been now transferred to the account you stated. You should be getting an email linked to that account notifying of the transfer. Thank you and thanks again for the eveskillboard link. :slight_smile: Enjoy Cardacal

Email received
Much appreciated
Fly Smart

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