WTS - 83M SP PVE/PVP (Too Much to List, Take A Look!) Pilot


I am selling myself.

I am in an NPC Corporation.
I have a Positive Wallet.
My Security Status is 2.15.
I can run Level 4 missions with a handful of Caldari and Amarr Agents.
I have no assets.
I have no kill rights.
I have 3 Jump Clone located in High Sec (Asezai, Lari, and Yasud (MG Crystals)).
I am located in Jita.

I have 83M Skill Points (and counting) which can be verified here:
Password is 54321

I am able to do many things, such as:

Mining and Processing:
Orca with Boost (Industrial Command Ships 4, Mining Director 3, Mining and Ice Drone Specialization 3)
Mining Barges - 5
Exhumers - 4
All Ore Processing Skills - 3

Advanced Industry - 3
Small and Medium Ship Construction - 4
Large and Industrial Ship Construction - 3

Planet Management:
Command Center Upgrades - 4
Interplanetary Consolidation - 4
Advanced Planetology - 3

Caldari Industrial - 5
Transport Ships - 4

Archaeology, Hacking, Survey - 5
Astrometrics - 5
Astrometric Acquisition, Pinpointing, Rangefinding - 4

Caldari and Gallente Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate - 5
Caldari Strategic Cruiser - 4
Caldari Tactical Destroyer - 4
Marauders - 5
14.2M SP In Missiles
11M SP In Drones

Gallente Tactical Destroyer - 4
Heavy Assault Cruiser, Interceptor, Covert Ops - 4
Assault Frigate, Black Ops, Recon Ships -3
Cynosural Field Theory - 4
6.1M SP In Gunnery

Capital Ships - 4
Caldari Dreadnought - 3
XL Cruise Missiles and Torpedoes - 3
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration - 4
Gallente Carrier - 3
Fighter Hanger Management - 5
Fighters, Light Fighters, Support Fighters - 3
Jump Drive Calibration - 4
Jump Drive Operation - 5

Please view my eveskillboard link for a full list of skills:

Bidding starts at 67B with a B/O at 83B

I will pay the transfer fee.

Thank you.

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62 bil

Thank you for the interest TxivYawg1. I’m going to let the auction go for awhile yet though to see if I can get more.


Back to the top, come take a look at a character that is proficient in many things and who can be further specialized into an area of your choice.

Too many things to list, come take a look please.

Updated SP total

Friday bump, looking for some more offers.

Saturday push, looking for some offers … ?

Back up to the top

Looking for some offers before I decide to extract.

Up for another round.

I may also be willing to extract some in order to “build” a less SP/expensive character for someone. If you are interested in this let me know here or with an in game mail and we can discuss details.

Thank you.


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