SOLD - WTS PVE 68.5M SP Pilot

This character is now SOLD subject to CCPs´ Terms and Conditions on Character Transfers.

I want to sell a Caldari Pilot Kezak Oriki - a PVE pilot with 68.5 Mill SPs.
Ammatar Mandate: 7.77, Mordus Legion: 7.34, Caldari State: 7.08, Amarr Empire: 6.25, S of E: 3.05, Minmatar Republic: -5.04, Gallente Fed: -7.08
His preferred PVE ship is a Vargur - NOT included with the sale!
7 Jump Clones - ALL fitted with Improved Attribute enhancers.
Neural remap available NOW,
+5.0 Security,
No kill rights,
Please refer to EveSkillboard for more information at:
[] <---- this URL link is now repaired! 24-10-18
ALL jump clones are in High Sec, currently docked at: Perimeter IX - Caldari Construction Production Plant
Starting Bid: 30Bil
Buy out: 90Bil
Usual rules apply

40 bil

thanks for the bid, if you are the highest or only bidder, I will contact you for transfer details.

42 bil

Hi Maizie,
Please send me your account details for me to start the transfer process (you may want to send the details in game?) Kezak will be paying 1000 PLEX to a GM for the transfer. I will monitor the transfer and keep you updated.

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks, Kezak!

Hi, an update, transfer has been requested and will be actioned shortly.

Just had GM Sirius respond, the transfer is going to be started, if for any reason I cannot use this forum under Kezaks login, please continue to contact me at the other character I mentioned earlier.


Character received! That’s gotta be a record…

Thanks, Kezak!

Character transfer for this pilot was successful. This is the last message from the Seller - this thread can be closed.

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