SOLD 15 BILL WTA 23.8 Mill SP Almost Avatar or Erebus starter just add Titan SkillBook SOLD 15 BILL

Forge a new path with this 23.8 Mill SP
Amarrian who is within 1 Hour 30 minutes away from sitting in a
Avatar or an Erebus PW IS 54321

:arrow_right: Just inject SkillBook of your choice :arrow_left:

Can sit in a
:arrow_forward: Amarr Cov Op


Has 1 kill from November 2017

Positive wallet
Located in High sec
this character will receive isk

Starting bid 5 Billion ISK

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5.5b ISK ready!

6b, I’m interested

7b upup

8b, one of us could have a good deal or we can keep playing this game :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol. thats true! Let’s hope its just a game between us! 8.5B !

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Oh well… 9b

@jac_Shakiel @Daltzi
Not a fan that you are offering buyouts outside of your sales thread even though people here might be willing to pay that.
But if that helps you to close this deal, I’m willing to go up to 14b if you close this now.

15 bill buyout i will transfer right now

Whatever. Fine.
Can you confirm again that you are the owner of the char and that you accept 15b ?

confirming pending sale for 15 bill

isk goes to this character i pay transfer fee

awaiting isk

Isk sent, account name sent

isk and account name received doing last minute item moving will transfer asap and will post here when i do innitiate transfer

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We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: jac Shakiel

Will be completed after: 3/8/2020 1:49:28 PM

Buyer please confirm transfer on your end

Another player is transferring the character jac Shakiel to your account

Thank you for the transfer


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