SOLD 160 Perfect PVP skills for Gangs/Null sec corp

Hello i wanna sell my self.

Positive Wallet
Positive sec status 3.1
Location - Jita 4/4
Kill Rights - None

Full set crystal High grade
Full set of implants Amulet mid grade
Full set of Asklepian High grade
Full set of Rapture High grade

Starting BID 100B

B/O 145B

108bil buy out. isk in hand.

Ty for bid but its to low =)

110 b

ty for you bid but looking for a bid more =)

Offer 125b

Thanks for you bid but still waiting for more =)

132b final offer

Can you please message me ingame if you want to sell this character.


Hello sorry for long waiting time im answered you question in-game mail with B/O that im wanna become for this charecter.

BO accepted. Isk and account name sent.

Received isk, thank you for buying Trasfer is started Enjoy it =)

Transfer complete, thanks.

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