WTS 55M SP - subcap / FC / Boosts / all rounder

Hello, I’m for sale:

  • located in Jita 4-4
  • no killrights
  • 2 clones with implants (1 with 4x Genolutions) + 2 clean clones
  • remap available
  • possitive wallet
  • 0,5M SP unallocated
  • security status -1.8
  • 2012 old

Char remarks:

  • T3
  • Command Ships 5
  • All boosts 5
  • Wing Command 5, Mining Foreman 5, FC 4
  • All BC/cruiser 5

Clone 1: image — ImgBB
Clone 2: image — ImgBB

Looking for offers.

30 b offer

offering 30 B buyout

Thanks for the offers, i was looking somewhere closer to 35b.

But if i won’t see any other offer i’ll consider current highest tommorow.

daily bump

ok 30B still valid?

Still up


27 b offer

if i see 29b ill be motivated to sell

i have good implants:


29 b i am ready


30b, accepted.

Send ISK and account name, please confirm here once done.
(Im available for another 1h30min)


Sorry IRL happened. Isk and username sent

Transfer started. Thanks for trade.

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