-SOLD- 18M+0.9MSP Unallocated Focused Paladin Alt

At High Sec
Positive Wallet
HG Asklepian Implant Set
2 Remaps Available
No kill rights

Start Bid - 11B
B/O - 13B

skillboard link doesnt work

The Skill board we are forced to use, make the new profiles HIDDEN, as default. We can not see your skillboard, probably are marked as private or something similar.

Put your profile, maybe i can put an offer.

Set to public

I can offer 12.5 as b/o

accepted. please send isk and account id to Elite Citizen

Ok, doing missions in an alt, i was ship destroyed and need repay that. I send the isk as soon i go to house to enter in other character. sorry for the delay.

Isk and account sent. sorry for the delay.

Character Sent

Done at
2022-10-06 AM 9:53:45 eve time


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