SOLD WTS PALADIN 30.3M SP implants and maxed jump

Maybe you interested in me. 30.5m SP

My plan was use her as redeemer but no much time to play now, 3 hours to sit in redeemer and have high jump skills.

At High Sec
Positive Wallet
HG Asklepian Implant Set
2 Remaps Available
No kill rights

Unallocated SP 3,566,000 Skillpoints
Allocated SP 26,749,154 Skillpoints
Total SP 30,315,154 Skillpoints

If we come a deal, i can deliver in 24 hours aprox, making a 24hours journal in my job today.

For sure interested, i offer 20b

offer 22b




offer 26

26.5b isk

offer 27

27b is the runner and is in my range, i close the bid in 12 hours and send the character in 24 hours.


raise to 28b

Sold to fridgeir in 28

Send the ISK and account to me, and i deliver as soon i can today. Please answer here when do so because maybe i can transfer in the next hour

28 B and account details sent to Elite Citizen :+1:

Thanks, i begion to check in five minutes and I answer here when transfer is done. I am in a system near jita,

Sorry for the delay i hadan incident in the job.

Transfer done, please update the thread when you receive the character or the real world eve mail.

I confirm good reception of the character.

Thanks a lot for the quick trade.

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