[SOLD] 2005-08-19 Char

Very nice name, if I do say so myself.
2005-08-19 char


All rules apply

3.4mil SP
Yearly Remap : 1
Bonus Remaps : 3
Wallet balance: Positive
Kill rights : None
Jump clones : None
Character location : Hisec

I pay transfer

Buy the character, inject skills, then you got a character from very early age of eve,

Start your bidding!


Waiting since 2005 for the perfect fit.


^^ Bump!

How much ?

lol are you the one i think you are ! oO

Make me an offer I can’t refuse…

I could be the one!

Okay ! Do you like Red Allaince logos ? :smiley:


Let’s focus on important things here: Do you want to throw ISK at this beautiful man-creature? If so, how much?

Not sure yet ^^

TIK TOK TIK TOK… Old guy here, time’s running out.
Make offer, be happy.



okay how much ? Unidentified Stranger :smiley:

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5 bil

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We have our first bid! Thanks IntimidatorW.

Also thanks mister Maze Avionik - Who I totally don’t know at all - Looks like you’ll have a bidding war at hand soon!

5bil is a lot of ISK. Still, I’ll have to kindly decline as this would cover but the transfer fee… For a golden oldie like myself, I’m sure there is a slightly bigger sum somewhere to be had.

Oh you so clever ^^

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Daily dose of bumpage!

To The Top!!

And again…